Each stage of a woman’s life brings its own unique physical, emotional and mental challenges. Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services provides Physiotherapy, Rehab Pilates, PelviPower Therapy and The Mummy Mot.

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Mr Timothy M King

  /  Mr Timothy M King

Mr Timothy M King

Consultant Biomechanist
Tim King is a leading BiOPelvic and Biomechanics specialist, who lectures to Under/Post Graduates at De Montfort University in Applied Biomechanics. Tim founded the pioneering CiONE methodology in Postural Rejuvenation, with 25 years of clinical experience in CiONE Loughborough ‘Elite Sports’ clinic, with endorsements from UK Athletics, LTA, FA and GB Hockey etc. Tim also works extensively in the field of ‘Chronic Pelvic Pain’(CPP) and has achieved many accolades for his programs, in eradicating the effects of skeletal dysfunction on the Pelvic Floor, founding the leading BiOPelvic Neuro Dynamics clinic within women’s and men’s Pelvic health, with Maria Elliot, in the CiONE Harley Street Centre, Bulstode Place, London. Tim regularly lectures in the UK, via the University/Physiotherapy circuits and in the past - across Europe and the USA. Tim studied traditional Amatsu in Tokyo Japan between 1992-1995.
email: contactus@cionewellnesscentre.com
phone: 00 44 1509 263044
education: BA (Hons)/MPhil/PhD Scholar