Each stage of a woman’s life brings its own unique physical, emotional and mental challenges. Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services provides Physiotherapy, Rehab Pilates, PelviPower Therapy and The Mummy Mot.

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Marta Kinsella

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Marta Kinsella

Rehab / Mummy Mot
Marta Kinsella is a specialist rehabilitation physiotherapist treating a variety of conditions for both men and women. Marta believes and is passionate about women’s health conditions and with hard work and patience these ladies can return to good health post birth and or post trauma. She applies her knowledge to patients that are experiencing anything from rectus diastasis, prolapse and or incontinence, a customized multi – modal rehabilitation and treatment program to each individual. The rehabilitation programs aim to restore optimal strategies for transferring of loads through the abdominal centre and restore optimal function overall. She uses a variety of treatment techniques including joint and soft tissue mobilization, myofascial releases and Pilates specific tailored exercise programs. Marta introduce Pilates, specific core stability exercises and breathing techniques into her rehabilitation programs for treating the problem and lasting recovery. You will find Marta in Queens Tennis Club on Monday’s and at 22 Upper Wimpole Street on Wednesdays afternoons and Fridays.