Each stage of a woman’s life brings its own unique physical, emotional and mental challenges. Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services provides Physiotherapy, Rehab Pilates, PelviPower Therapy and The Mummy Mot.

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Karl Monahan

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Karl Monahan

Sports and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist
Karl is a leading sports and advanced clinical massage therapist with extensive training in abdominal and pelvic health. He runs The Pelvic Pain Clinic in London where the focus is solely on male pelvic pain and associated symptoms and has been successfully treating Chronic Prostatitis (CP) and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) patients since 2009. He uses a holistic BioPsychoSocial approach, which addressing encompasses the multiple factors of CP and CPPS. This includes the physical changes (tight muscles, postural changes, breathing patterns, behaviour modifications), psychological changes (catastrophisation, fear avoidance, hyper vigilance, anxieties around pain and movement) and sociological changes (how a patient’s relationships, both personal and professional are affected by their symptoms.) He has worked with Maria since 2011
education: ATMAT, ACMT, NASM